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Fluid Ceramics


From the
Liquid Porcelain Series

The Primordial EGG series (


I(...) The Primordial Egg and the Mind perceived as a repository of all tactile and visual sensations caused by the interaction with the ceramic form, with the "sculptural Object". The Egg is conceived as a symbol of all fragile and precarious existences, the ephemeral and evanescent Graal of Life itself.


The Dancing Bells series

(...) The shape of a common, symbolic as well as utilitarian object -- the Bell -- got animated and, to some extent, humanized, while becoming the silhoutte of a frozen dancer, cought in his act of some sort of  ceramic coreography and stage design. In this way, organized as arrays of such dancers,  a theatrical scene is created and a paradoxe between dance-frozen movement and the liquid ceramic matter appears. . The


The Tears of Joy series (1


The visual discourse of the artist uses, as a formal pretext, the idea of opposition/contrast together with the concept of "frozen matter flow". 

Few biographical facts


Viorica Bocioc was born on May 16th 1958, at Scortoasa-Buzau, Romania. Mrs. Bocioc is a graduate of the “Ion Andreescu” University of Fine Arts in Cluj-Napoca, the department of Painting, Restauration and Pedagogy of Drawing in 1981. She had the opportunity to attend, in 1996, a postgraduate specialization course at the International School of Modern Shoe Making in Zlin, in the Czech Republic, an educational stage which opened to new realms for applying this expertise in design for leather shoes for women and leather-based furniture. She descovers design and the Ceramic Art while designing and creating new ceramic prototypes for the former “Mondial” Ceramic Factory in Lugoj.


She served also, as Lecturer at the “Tibiscus” Faculty of Design for several years. In present, she is is employed as Senior Designer of the “Agache” Furniture Factory in Lugoj.


She participates at the most important Ceramic Art Competitions or/and Exhibitions in Europe
Faenza-Italy, Bucharest / Cluj-Napoca in Romania, Bornholm-Denmark,
Kecskemet-Hungary) and 
Asia (Mino and Kutani-Japan, Cebiko-Korea, Taiwan) but also in Cairo-Egypt.


Together with other two artists, she was selected to represent Romania at the European Ceramic Context 2014 Exhibition  in Bornholm-Denmark in the autumn of 2014.


To some extent, her works testify and emphasize the interest in studying and exploring the intermediary stages of matter’s state. Especially, the moment when the porcelain reaches a state when, in terms of formal visual perception, it looks “liquid” but, in terms of direct tactile contact, it is absolutely solid. Her last ceramic art cycle reffers this kind of half-illusive and half-real contexts which are, therefore, placed at the core of the visual formalism on which I based the artefacts I have created on the topic of “porcelain’s flowing”. Her latest ceramic art cycle (The Immersed Atoll) brings a new perspective on this, recurrent, topic.

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